Louis Montaño

Louis Montaño

Head Coach


BS - Exercise Science Sports Medicine (Human Performance Specialization)

About Coach

Hey, I'm Louis Montano—former running back and sprinter, passionate about fitness, health, and inspiring an active lifestyle.
During my time at California Lutheran University, I pursued my BS in Exercise Science Sports Medicine, specializing in Human Performance, all while earning league honors as a two-sport athlete. Post-college, I ventured into training athletes across various disciplines, from Hollywood stunt performers to NFL players and Olympians in Track. As a track coach at College Prep in Oakland and Castilleja in Palo Alto, I've honed my coaching skills to elevate individuals of all levels. You'll often find me on Instagram, @LouisMFitness, where I share valuable fitness, health, and wellness insights, aiming to inspire a life filled with quality and longevity.

Turning Point

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