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Open  Positions

Title: Part-Time Coach
NOTE: Title will change once full-time
Reports To: Owner

● Responsibilities to grow and be split with General Manager if promoted to full-time. See the Responsibilities section from the General Manager job description to see what your work would look like once full-time
● Coach and guide a group of up to 15 individuals through a workout
● Provide at least 2 points each of both positive and constructive feedback to each individual during your class
● Actively monitoring the class throughout the workout, walking the floor and ensuring everyone is moving correctly, and providing feedback/coaching cues
● Scale any movement for an individual if needed, whether they need to scale down or up in difficulty/skill level.
● Lead the setup and takedown of equipment needed for your classes
● Lead admin duties for your class, including checking clients in, giving studio tours to new clients, selling memberships/packages to people in your class, facilitating point-of-sale payments/refunds, etc.
● Become an ambassador of the brand and post on social media to market for IBX
● Attend recurring staff meetings, held at a regular time/day
     ○ First 3 months: 1 meeting/month. Meeting attendance will increase with role responsibilities.
● Participate in a minimum of 1 class per week.
● Participate in regular check-ins with the GM + Owner
● Wear an approved Coach uniform when clocked-in
● Creates content (story/post/carousel/blog/podcast etc) on their personal social media account that promotes IBX Fitness for every day they coach a class - IBX is tagged and a referral link is provided, content is up to the creator
     ○ Example: coaching 3 classes across 2 days would mean 2 pieces of content
     ○ Clients sold that come directly from these referral links will qualify the coach for a commission


IBX is looking for an individual to begin part-time and who is looking to become a full-time, salaried employee with IBX to help grow the business. The full-time role would start after 6-month onboarding + part-time coaching, and successful performance reviews. Part-time hours would increase each month.
● Able to foster a culture of support: you’re a caring, warm, welcoming, encouraging, and respectful person who is always trying to lift people up
● A mindset of Help First: you have the clients’ best interests at heart, and will do anything you can to help them, whether it’s cueing their movements, helping put away their equipment, or anything in between!
● Love to make people smile: you’re fun and enthusiastic, and not afraid to show it! Regardless of how clients feel when they walk in, you make them happy to be here
● Appreciate the differences: you appreciate what everyone brings to the table, and love interacting with people from all walks of life
● Hold a fitness certification (personal trainer, group fitness, strength & conditioning, etc.) from an accredited institution (NASM, ACE, NSCA, ACSM, ISSA, CrossFit, etc.), and will ensure that the certification remains active
● Certified in CPR, AED, and First Aid, and will ensure the certifications remain active.
● Covid-19 Vaccinated

What IBX Will Provide

Part-Time Compensation: $40.25/hour for coaching, $30/hour for meeting participation
● Full-time Compensation: $54,000-$60,000 annual salary
        ● Full-time employment tentative on completion of 6-month onboarding + successful performance reviews
● Starting with coaching 8 classes per week, growing each month
● Free membership and on-demand classes + 50% price reduction for spouse/partner/family member
● Coach apparel will be provided
● 15% off retail items
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