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Maximize every minute of your workout

One Workout That Does It All - connect Iron Flow, Strength, and Cardio movements in our signature group class.

Class Structure


We always start with a guided warmup to prepare you for the upcoming workout. We believe warmups are essential, and we design each one to prepare you for the specific movements you’ll do in class. Expect more than stretching — we’ll practice movements and prime your muscles so that you can go into your workout with confidence.

Iron Flow

After a guided warmup, each class begins with Iron flow, combining a series of weighted exercises to create one seamless movement through fluid transitions. Flowing through these movements with a lighter weight allows for seamless movement, working several muscle groups across multiple planes of motion. Starting our workout this way combines muscle-building strength with heart-thumping cardio, priming the body to later dive deeper into these elements.


After getting those muscles firing with the strength work in Iron Flow, we’re ready to up the intensity with muscle-building strength training.  Here, we focus on using proper form and control (not speed) with heavier weights to increase strength and muscle engagement.


It wouldn’t be a complete workout if we didn’t check in with the most important muscle of them all — the heart!  We finish with a cardio burn to get that heart rate up, empty the tank, and send you home feeling great for hours after your workout’s ended.


You made it! Reward your body’s hard work with a little TLC. Just like the warmup, each cooldown will be unique to each workout, targeting the muscles you worked in class. Stretch out, focus on the breath, and feel rejuvenated and ready to take on the rest of your day!

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We are conveniently located on San Pablo Ave in Albany, with plenty of free street parking. Whether you're in Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Richmond, Kensington, or beyond, we would love to have you!

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Get 3 Classes for $1 Today!
Get 3 Classes for $1 Today!
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