What Is Iron Flow?

Learn how Iron Flow is the perfect hybrid of strength and cardio, and why it's a cornerstone of any IBX workout!
Ian Birnam
October 19, 2021

Iron Flow is one of three parts to an IBX workout, and honestly, it's our favorite one. Simply put, Iron Flow is the perfect hybrid of strength and cardio: it combines two or more weighted movements to create one seamless, fluid movement.

See how Gladys combines a Squat with an Around The World for her Iron Flow:

Iron Flow Example: Squat + Around The World

These chained movements are performed with a lighter weight than if they were done in isolation. By connecting these exercises through a seamless flow, you gain so much more compared to doing movements in isolation:

  1. Work several muscle groups across multiple planes of motion: up, down, side to side, Iron Flow gives your full body a challenge!
  2. Improve body awareness: by moving seamlessly through multiple movements, you're also working on improving your stability and balance!
  3. Increased core strength: dynamic movements require a stable and strong core to move the body. Put those sit-ups aside and shred those abs in a much more engaging way!
  4. It's just plain fun: like a puzzle you’re putting together, the goal is to spark creativity, challenge your body, and find new freedom in the flow.

Looking to give Iron Flow a try for yourself? Check out our upcoming events at ibxfitness.com/insta to feel the difference!

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