Connecting Your Movements - Why We Do It

Connecting Your Movements is more than just a slogan for IBX. Learn how we embody this phrase in all of our workouts and beyond.
Ian Birnam
October 19, 2021

Connect Your Movements - you've seen us talk about this, and put it in hashtags, but what does it actually mean? For IBX, it's more than just a slogan, it's the core of how we design our workouts!

A More Intentional Workout

Sumo Deadlift As Your Starting Movement

While Iron Flow is all about connecting your movements, we embody this idea in every part of our classes. Too often we've seen workouts where it's just random movements thrown together, and random movements give you random results.

That's why every workout at IBX - from the warmup, to each of our 3 parts, to our cooldown - is crafted around the theme for the day, and each movement is chosen with purpose to target specific muscles and to help you maximize your workout. You won't see any "generic" or "standard" warmups or cooldowns with us, each will be catered specifically to your workout.

Moving With Intent

Rotate after your Sumo Deadlift, further engaging your core

Connecting movements also captures the level of self-awareness we want you to have when you exercise.

Sometimes it's great to go for max effort, or to move with crazy speed, but we don't want to do that all the time. We'd rather you move with form, strength, and confidence. Knowing how to properly do a movement will allow you to build strength and endurance in a safe, steady manner that will reduce the chance of injury.

Learn How to Move Your Body

Now press that weight overhead!

When you feel stronger and more confident, you can move with strength and confidence. Suddenly those Costco-sized groceries don't seem so daunting, you're confident you can pick up your dad if he falls, or you're not scared of cleaning out all those heavy boxes in the closet. By working on yourself and taking care of your body, you'll have a better sense of how to move your body and see what it's truly capable of. Spoiler alert: it's more than you think!

Want To Try It Out?

Finally, we end with an Overhead Split Squat. All connected!

Ready to learn how to Connect Your Movements and gain that strength and confidence in yourself? We still have spots available for our Founder's Membership! Sign up today while we still have availability!

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